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Carpet Cleaning

Whose Sharing Your Carpet?

Carpet beetles are just one of the many household pets that you share your home with, whether or not you are aware of it. Similar to the bed bug and the dust mite, these tiny creatures find their comfort in dark, warm places where they can easily feed off their meal of choice.

While bed bugs live off organic matter, like dead skin flakes and animal dander, carpet bugs are drawn to certain kinds of fibers, mainly natural carpet and rug fibers, like wool and silk. In fact, the mother carpet beetle lays her larvae on these natural fibers so that her offspring can begin feeding immediately. When no natural fiber is available, carpet beetles will opt for an assortment of animal products, such as animal hair, feathers, pet food, and even dead insects.

Wool and silk fibers are the main food choice for carpet beetles but they will gladly snack on blended synthetic fibers as well. The majority of carpets in the United States are mixed blends of a natural fiber with a synthetic fiber. As long as there is enough natural fiber in the blend, the carpet beetle will continue to eat until there is nothing left. This is why, as opposed to the moth, who eats carpets in scattered patterns, the carpet beetles will eat away whole sections of a carpet.

Carpet Beetles, Dust Mites, And Moths, Oh MY!

The good news is that carpet beetles are not harmful to humans nor do they bite. The bad news is that in their larval phase, their eating preferences keep them very well hidden. If you have pets in your home who walk on the carpet, and consequently shed hair or leave food particles on said carpet, you provide a carpet beetle colony a cozy place to live until maturity. Even if you do not have any pets but do have larvae and carpet, your infestation will likely grow until the problem is taken care of.

The removal process of carpet beetles is easy and whether or not you decide to take chemical measures (we strongly oppose this), the process should begin with a thorough steam cleaning as a means to exterminating as many carpet beetles as possible. We do not use any chemicals for any of our services, however should you be interested, we have various environmentally friendly cleaning solutions available on hand.

Our cleaning technicians can also repair damaged carpet and rugs either by hand or dye.

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