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Rug Cleaning

The best things in life might be free but a quality rug certainly is not. In terms of art, a durable and reliable rug, when created, is designed to be unique, rather than mass produced. In terms of usability, a quality rug will be able to serve several generations before any wear and tear begin to show. And, in terms of investment, much like any other home investment you might make, certain upkeep must be attended to.

A majority of signature rugs are made of natural fibers, like wool and silk, though this is certainly not exclusive. These rugs are not machine made nor hand stitched, but actually hand knotted by a team of rug weavers. Completion of a 5X8 rug could take 4-5 months with a staff of 5 on hand working around the clock. These weavers must be able to etch intricate and detailed designs on the very fibers of a rug and then fill them in with all natural dyes.

Unique Rugs, Individual Cleaning

All the manual labor that goes into rug weaving naturally results in a premium price. And, subsequently, an obligation to professionally clean it. Professional rug cleaners are firstly aware of all the work involved in the creation of your rug and secondly appreciative of the very specific and particular cleaning required.

Upholstery Cleaning New York rug cleaning technicians carry out their work on our cleaning factory premises. This means that we not only pick up your rug but we also deliver it back to you, and at no cost to you at that. Our factory employs a staff of both rug cleaning technicians and rug weavers capable of fixing a number of common repair problems, such as fixing fringes, repairing moth and carpet beetle holes, re dying faded colors, and more.

Our Factory and Our Rug Experts

Our cleaning process addresses both front and back dust soil build up, dust and soil particles hardened on the carpet's surface as well as in the fibers, sun damage effects, heavy traffic patterns, and more. For more information about our cleaning process, factory or about our free over the phone estimation, we invite you to contact our customer service representatives today!

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